Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wardrobe and Van need home!!!

NB: As I've now gone overseas, these two items have been, in some way, dealt with.
Enquiries still received, however.

I have a nice old, very big wardrobe with a mirror, which needs a new home ASAP. (Sorry about the "crowded" pic, taken in-situ in its' current storage place.) It has been in storage since I first went to Japan in 2002. It's a lovely old thing, albeit with a few scratches here and there.


160 cm wide including cornices
187 cm high
51 cm deep incl cornices

I would like to find either a buyer (prices negotiable but I think around $200 is a bargain) or someone to take care of it semi-permanently (until I settle down in Brisbane again - who knows when...?)

Please contact me on 0415-106428 or email shen@ethnosuperlounge.com ASAP if you're interested in this.

ALSO... My luvverly old (1976 multicoloured Ford Transit) van Hilary will need a carer while I'm overseas from January to July 2007. I'd like someone to pay the registration for this period and take general care, at least moving her once a week to keep the battery charge up and the fuel lines clear. She'd be very useful for a marketeer or regular camper.

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