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Various events 2018 January-June

Continuing efforts to be complete in recording all the gigs I do here...

  • Sat 6 Jan Kohinur: Roots Raga Reggae - Following Woodford Folk Festival, which brought so many amazing musicians to our shores, Byron-based Indian slide guitarist Shivam Rath organised this immense event bringing together an eclectic mix of Indian classical, world and reggae musicians, firstly at Kohinur Hall, followed by a midnight drive up wild dirt roads to the top of Mt Jerusalem for an after-party featuring NZ roots artist Matiu te Huki. Apart from the various accompaniment roles I took (photos follow), I was asked to give a tabla solo from 430am and thanks to the freedom of time and the lovely accompaniment by violinist Yuki Kaneko (Japan), I went quite deeply into my tabla solo and will never forget it.

    Event flyer

    Accompanying Bart Stenhouse (flamenco guitar) with Shivam Rath (slide guitar) and Georgia Shine (cello).

    Introducing the world premiere of Yuki's cross-dressing Dhrupad/Chhau performance: First singing song on Shiva in Dhrupad style with accompaniment by Tetsuya Kaneko (pakhawaj), then performing Shiva Tandava of Chhau dance.

    Accompanying Tahir Qawwal (vocal) along with Taro Terahara (bansuri) and Bhairavi Devi (vocal).

    Accompanying jugalbandi with Saikat Bhattacharya (sitar) and Taro Terahara (bansuri), after them each having done solo set.

  • Sat 13 Jan Tarragindi: Japan Gharana - Indian classical music home concert - As well as our regular visitor Taro Terahara (bansuri), who had just performed at Woodford Folk Festival, we were also joined by Tetsuya Kaneko (pakhawaj) and Yuki Kaneko (violin), a couple from Nagoya, Japan who share our deep interest in Indian classical music. Along with my partner Yuki Taniguchi (Dhrupad vocal and Chhau dance), and myself having been regularly active in Japan, we thought the theme "Japan Gharana" seemed appropriate. It was a nice home concert in our little sun room at our home in Tarragindi.
    Japan Gharana performers (L to R): Yuriko Terahara (tanpura), Tetsuya Kaneko (pakhawaj), Yuki Kaneko (violin), Yuki Taniguchi (Chhau dance, Dhrupad vocal), Taro Terahara (bansuri), Shen Flindell (tabla).

  • Sat 20 Jan Beaudesert: Tibet2Timbuk2 (Tenzin and friends) - No photos, sorry, but you know the music was beautiful. We were by now joined by new regular member Richard Grantham (viola), and I recall the performance of Orolanchung with his viola arrangement was just splendid.
2018 MARCH

2018 APRIL-JUNE: Various Shows with Tenzin Choegyal - see separate blog post.
2018 JUNE

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