Wednesday, September 05, 2012

5th Annual Ashu Babu Memorial Tabla School Concert

As usual in July we held our annual tabla school concert, as always one of the major highlights of my year, where I have strong feelings of the presence of my late Guru-ji in my life, of the energy and knowledge transmitted through the guru-shishya parampara (guru-student lineage) starting from Benares Gharana progenitor Pt Ram Sahai through his students down to my myself and my students. A very powerful and joyful event. Many thanks to all the students and parents, and especially to our regular lehra player Joseph Nand and sound-guy Mohit Lal.
(Links for previous concerts: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011.)

Altar to Guru-ji

Our regular harmonium accompanist, Sri Joseph Abhay Nand

Yuki opened with shloka and bhajan

Making his first appearance with self-accompanied bhajan, Rushi Kakkad (4)

Ravneel Deo (14), Bipro Hussain (10), Ishaaq Jamil (9)

On-track to be Brisbane's leading female tabla player, Rhea Ravi (8)

Father-son team Jeevan and Sivamsan Senthilvasan (10)

Gold Coast students Nitin Niranjan (14) and Thejan Elankayer (12)

Jesinthan Ketheeswaran (18)

Bhavik Barot (12)

Arka Tito Basu (16)

All the students received certificates featuring the lineage of gurus starting from Pt Ram Sahai

We finished up with my tabla solo, in which I played some new compositions I learned this year from Pt Chhote Lal Mishra's book "Tabla Granth".

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Shawn said...

Kya baat, Shen! Keeping the tradition very much alive!