Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kamakura sightseeing with Bob and Zydre

My Uncle Bob and Auntie Zydre visited Japan for about 10 days, honouring Yuki and I by coming all the way from Australia to attend our Shinto wedding ceremony. We had a great time together in Kamakura and Izu, where they also came to attend our performance at Dance of Shiva. Here are some photos of our Kamakura sightseeing trip.

Uncle Bob at Daibutsu ("Big Buddha")

Small statue of Benzaiten, the Japanese Saraswati, at Hasedera

Bamboo garden at Hokokuji, a very beautiful and highly recommended temple in north-east Kamakura

Bob and Zydre in Hokokuji garden

Year-round autumn colours at Jyomyoji, a Zen temple near Hokokuji

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